22 February 2018

£4108.64 raised for Foyle Search and Rescue

Congratulations to staff and students who have supported the college's fundraising for Foyle Search and Rescue.
To date, the college has raised £4108.64 for the charity.

Strabane Hairshow - Thursday February 22

Good luck to all the staff and students taking part in the annual Hair and Beauty Show at Strabane Campus.
This year's show has the theme of Pop Art.
The show begins at 7 p.m.

15 February 2018

NWRC Creative Media students develop brand for Council's Life Tree Initiative

Derry City and Strabane District Council, in partnership with the Public Health Agency and the North West Regional College, have launched a unique tree planting scheme to mark the registration of significant life events in the Council area.

The Life Tree Project will see every birth, death and marriage registered in Council’s District Registration Offices in Derry and Strabane marked by the planting of an Oak, Rowan or Crab Apple sapling as part of a wider regional strategy to improve air quality and the public’s mental health.

Registering families are encouraged to plant the tree at their own property but if they don’t have a suitable location, Council will identify alternative sites in its parks and green spaces and plant the tree for them.

Design students at NWRC have had a central role in the development of the initiative which is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland and will see around 4,000 new trees planted in the City and District each year.

Mayor of Derry City and Strabane District Council, Councillor MaolĂ­osa McHugh, launched the scheme at the North West Regional College’s Strand Road Campus this week with the planting of a tree and he highlighted its multiple benefits for both the health of the public and the local environment.

“I am delighted that Council, along with its partners in the Public Health Agency and the North West Regional College are leading the way with this novel initiative which is a poignant means of marking and remembering the registrations of birth, deaths and marriages in our City and District,” he said.

“Air pollution is something that affects all of our well-being and represents the biggest environmental risk to the public’s health so there is a responsibility on all of us to make a conscious effort to protect and improve our air quality.

“Planting trees can not only decrease air pollution but it improves the local landscape and encourages the public to experience the outdoors and the health benefits of gardening so I am pleased that we are the first Council in the North to introduce this scheme.

“On behalf of Council I would like to thank the PHA for the funding to make this project possible and acknowledge the key role the students and staff at the NWRC have had in working with Council to bring it to fruition.”

As well as issuing the new trees, the Public Health Agency will issue relevant campaign literature relating to each registration such as breast feeding information for birth registrations.

The PHA’s Brendan Bonner noted that air pollution reduction has the potential to be life saving for the local community.

“The World Health Organisation estimates that in 2012, one out of every nine deaths resulted from air pollution related conditions making it the largest environmental risk factor for ill health,” he said.

“Reducing air pollution by planting more trees has the potential to decrease respiratory and heart conditions and illnesses and improve the Health and Well Being of the population in the Derry and Strabane areas.

“Air pollution impacts on all regions, settings and age groups and while we all breath the same air, there are significant geographical differences to exposure to air pollution and it is important that we do all we can to improve and protect our air quality locally.

“This project matches up particularly well with our Take 5 Steps of Wellbeing initiative where we are encouraging the public to connect with each other, be active, take notice of the beauty around you, keep learning and to do something that helps other people.”    

HND Interactive Media students from the North West Regional College have been working with Council’s Marketing team to design the brand logo, marketing materials and website for the scheme and Annette Smith from the College said they were pleased to play such an active role in the initiative.

“This has been a thoroughly enriching experience for our students to apply their skills to a live project and it is a proud moment for them to see the scheme go live.

“The students have been particularly involved in the marketing element of the scheme and have developed a website that will allow the public to register the location of their trees which in turn will help Council identify areas where more or less should be planted.

“The project has the potential to significantly increase the number of new trees planted in the City and District and leave a lasting memory for families from key life events.”

Further information on the Life Tree Project is available at www.lifeprojecttree.com or through the Environmental Health Department of Derry City and Strabane District Council by calling 028 71 253253 or e mailing lifetree@derrystrabane.com.


13 February 2018

Open Day pictures online

Thank you to all out staff and students who helped with our recent Open Days at Strand Road, Springtown, Limavady, Greystone and Strabane.

Pictures from NWRC's Open Days can be viewed on our Flickr pages at




31 January 2018

Limavady Campus hosts community information session

Limavady campus recently held a successful coffee morning for local community members.
A number of representatives from a number of organisations in the Roe Valley area attended and heard about the wide range of courses and partnerships NWRC is engaged with.

More pictures at https://www.flickr.com/photos/mynwrc/albums/72157663205647487

25 January 2018

NWRC students exhibit talent at Bohemian Hair Showcase

One hundred and forty five Hairdressing and Barbering students have taken part in North West Regional College’s Bohemian Hairshow at the Foyle Theatre at Strand Road Campus.

The event featured dozens of stunning creations in a number of categories including Avant Garde, Cut and Colour and Themed Image.

The judges of the Hair showcase, which is the first of four events across the college’s campuses in Strand Road, Limavady and Strabane, were Laura Faulkner Rice, manager of Topper’s Hair Salon, Sinead Hasson, Lead Stylist Jon Paul’s Hair Salon, and Michael Shevlin, owner of Michaeltomasz Hair Salon, all graduates of NWRC School of Hairdressing.

Liz January, NWRC Course Co-coordinator -  NVQ Level 3 Hairdressing , said the event could not have happened without a number of areas of the curriculum coming together to support each other.

She said: “I’d like to thank the staff and students of all disciplines including Hairdressing, Barbering, Beauty, Media, Multi-Media & Interactive Media, Singers, the Dance group  Ascent , backstage crew, front of house, stage management, runners, performing arts students, and the lighting and sound teams who were all being assessed either formatively or summatively on a series of live briefs."

8 January 2018

'Just Great Teaching’ Conference at North West Regional College on January 31

North West Regional College will host the ‘Just Great Teaching’ conference led by Paul Gray of Learnspark on January 31.

This conference is designed to empower you by exploring practical strategies, approaches and solutions that ensure your lessons meet the needs of all learners.

The conference will cover the following key topics:

 - Reconnecting with quality instruction

 - Challenging the pillars of effective practice

 - Learning and Thinking

Every few years, researchers find something that they believe works in raising educational achievement.

Teachers and educational leaders, encouraged by the authorities, look to implement it within their classrooms and there it can reside for many years, standing as a pillar of practice.

Rarely do we get the chance as professionals to stand back and ask, “Is this really making a difference to the outcomes of our students?”

During this conference we will explore the existing pillars of our practice and consider what is effective and what is not!

Do not miss what promises to be a thought-provoking but highly enjoyable event.

The conference takes place on Wednesday, January 31 from 9.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Foyle Theatre, NWRC Strand Road.

You can register for the event at http://nwrc-vweb2/mis_public/tools/staffdev_training/booking.aspx?EventID=966

18 December 2017

Project based learning a huge success at NWRC Craft fair


Many congratulations and well done to all those who participated in and supported our first ever cross- college Craft Fair. Coordinated by Annette Smith, our Project Based Learning coordinator, it was a great success raising in excess of £1500.00 for our college's chosen charity, Foyle Search and Rescue. While the purpose of the project was to embed PBL across curriculum areas, it did much more than that. Those of you who missed it missed a real treat!

Our art students, led by Noel Boyle, created unique and utterly enchanting ceramic artwork. Many of us are delighted with the charming crooked houses we purchased. The ceramic Christmas trees will light up corners in many homes this year and the cheeky robins and romantic hearts will bring a smile to the faces of many. I was so impressed when I congratulated one of the students on their artistic skills and she confidently responded: 'We have a strong product and we are making the right pitch.' You should be on The Apprentice crossed my mind. Our two Dannys, Danny Mc Feeley and Danny Lyttle, brought the beautifully crafted and wonderfully touching works of their transition students who participated fully with an exuberance and joy that was contagious. One of the students, who would also make it on The Apprentice, managed to sell out with his confident sales pitch and last minute bargains. The matchbox cars with Christmas trees on the roofs were utterly adorable.

Susan Cassidy and the hair and beauty students added the essential Christmas glamour with their nail painting and sumptuous beauty products, while Bernadette Peoples and her catering students added more than a few pounds in every way to the event. Joan Casey and her students had another stall with a whole array of sparkling Christmas crafts that attracted a steady stream of customers. With the support of Martin Rijkers and Sean Barton, the Springtown students constructed perfectly angled wooden Christmas trees that would delight our essential skills tutors to no abound. We are expecting more wonders for next year as we marvel at our students’ potential.

We must applaud our lecturers at Magilligan, Shaun Duffy, Andy Mc Hugh and Sharon Kirk who engaged whole-heartedly in leading Project Based Learning at the prison. Theirs was the biggest stall that overflowed with the merchandise created by our students at Magilligan. This stall was abundant with goods: memory boxes with paper collage, vintage trays with heartfelt Mark Twain messages and wreaths galore. Andy’s students created bespoke metal coal buckets that were snapped up in seconds. One student proudly gave his signature to all his work and slipped in a message identifying the motivation for his carefully crafted memory boxes: 'for all our loved ones with dementia'.

Finally, Ronan O’ Callaghan’s students, who never cease to impress, raised spirits as they sang joyously throughout the event. Project based learning this craft fair was, but it also reminded us, in that cold foyer of the Foyle building , that the warmth and hope of Christmas is generated through care, compassion and community.

14 December 2017

Congratulations to our staff award winners

Congratulations to all the staff recognised at the Christmas festivities.

They include:
Gavin Stevenson - Excellence     
Laura Bonner - Uniqueness / Innovation / Creativity
Annette Smith - On-going Quality
Alex Magee - Cross College Role / Activities
Liz January - Cross College Role / Activities
Stanislava Stoyanova - Individual Contribution to a Team

You can see all the pictures here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/mynwrc/albums/72157661586234847


12 December 2017


All College buildings will close at 5:00pm EACH EVENING from Monday  18th December 2017 until Friday 5th January 2018 (inclusive).
Normal term time building opening times will commence on Monday 8th January 2018.
Please note that FULL-TIME STUDENTS are in college as timetabled until Friday 22nd  December 2017.


27 November 2017

£5k a year scholarship for North West Regional College graduate

A graduate of North West Regional College (NWRC) who is now studying Physiotherapy at Cardiff University, has been awarded a J P McManus scholarship worth £5,500 a year.

Ashleigh Newton pictured at the awards ceremony
 at the University of Limerick
with NWRC Principal and Chief Executive Leo Murphy

Ashleigh Newton who graduated from NWRC with a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health Sciences is one of six Further Education graduates who received the award at a c
eremony at the University of Limerick on November 25.
The All Ireland Scholarships are awarded annually to the top-performing students in receipt of the Educational Maintenance Allowance (EMA), who reside in Northern Ireland (NI) and attend a grant aided Post Primary School or Further Education (FE) College in NI.
“I am absolutely delighted to have been chosen to receive this grant,” said Ashleigh.
“I was encouraged to apply to the JP McManus Trustees by my Year Head at NWRC Annmarie Hunter. “
Now studying for a BSc in Physiotherapy at Cardiff University, 21 years-old Ashleigh hopes to progress to a career in chartered physiotherapy in the health sector, and has aspirations to work in Sports Physio.”
She commented: “I decided to attend NWRC after my A Levels to improve my UCAS application and qualifications.
“The teachers at NWRC are a credit to themselves. I am particularly grateful to Annemarie Hunter and Karen Moore for their teaching, advice and guidance during my time there.
“I feel thatNWRC prepared me a lot for University and what level of work was expected by me when I got here.
“The NWRC also helped me gain a lot of extra qualifications such as CPR and manual handling, putting me one step ahead of my classmates.”

22 November 2017


Marking for Improvement: The latest Strategies

Staff at NWRC have been invited to a course that will be held on December 12, 2017, on 'Effective Marking.'
Effective marking is an essential part of the education process. At its heart, it is an interaction between tutor and student: a way of acknowledging students’ work, checking the outcomes and making decisions about what tutors and students need to do next, with the primary aim of driving student progress. This course will help tutors review their practice with the aim of shrinking the importance marking has gained over other forms of feedback and stopping unnecessary and often burdensome practice!

What to expect:

• Explore a wide range of strategies to eliminate unnecessary workload around marking

• Develop strategies to support self and peer assessment

• Explore what effective marking looks like versus ineffective marking

The session takes place on Tue 12/12/2017 15:00 - 18:00 at the Staff Development Suite